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Professional Recording

Music is Ray’s first love, and what has led him down this winding path. There are many ways we can help with your project, big or small.

Do you have an independent recording that isn’t coming together?
Do you have a podcast with poor levels or background noise?
Are you an author thinking of recording an Audio Book?

Our Pro Tools|HD equipped facility can help in the following areas:

  • Recording – Record a speech, audio book, or tracks for a CD or demo.
  • Overdubs – Get out of that big, expensive studio to record additional instruments or vocals.
  • Sweetening – Using high quality sample libraries, we can embellish your recordings with percussion, strings, brass, etc. to make that track shine.
  • Editing – Also considered “sweetening”, but drawing on other talents, we can help with pitch correction, tightening timing, generating additional harmonies, drum replacement, cleaning up noise, even removing that car horn or errant cymbal hit from an otherwise great take.
  • Mixing – Get a fresh perspective on your mixes,
  • Mastering – Make sure your music flows, with tonal and level matching, track sequencing.

If you need help with packaging and manufacturing, or promoting and/or selling your CD online, we can help there, too.