Web Site Design


Have you ever heard about a business or organization, spent a little time searching for it online,

If a business does MouseIconTransnot have a web site, does it really exist?

only to find nothing?

Did you call directory assistance?
Go to the library to research it?
Call the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce?

Or did you give up and move on?

Be Found

SisBullet-Plain Promote yourself, your business or your organization.

SisBullet-Plain Create an online community.

SisBullet-Plain Provide support information for your clients and customers.

SisBullet-Plain Expand your existing business by taking it online.

SisBullet-Plain Find new clients and customers; better yet, let them find YOU!


Branding Power

Custom graphics for your website incorporating your logo and colours provide powerful branding consistency. If you need a logo, we can help there, too.

Here are just a few elements you might consider for your web site:

  • FAQ to answer “Frequently Asked Questions”
  • News with an optional RSS Feed to provide automatic updates
  • A BLOG linked to your site to share information and opinions
  • Newsletter service or opt-in mailing list
  • Calendar of upcoming events or important dates
  • E-Commerce capabilities to sell goods, services or downloads
  • Photo Gallery - host or link from Flickr, etc.
  • Video Gallery - host or stream from You Tube, etc.
  • Record and distribute podcasts
  • Content Management System to allow you the freedom to update information on your site

Web Hosting

We have a recommended hosting service that is fully featured and affordable.

For smaller or short-term sites, we can host your site on our servers, affordably and with only a minimal commitment.